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IWU OCLS Tutorials: Office 365


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If I purchase a new laptop, can I transfer Office 365 to a new laptop?   

  • Office from IWU allows you to install office on five (5) of your devices.   






If I already have Office installed on my computer, should I install Office from IWU?   

  • If you have already paid (one-time fee) for and installed Office on your computer, you can continue to use that version.  
  • If you purchase a new computer with a trial version of an Office subscription, Office from IWU is a complete and unlocked version at no additional cost to you. 
  • If you currently have a subscription to Office, you will save money switching to Office from IWU. However, If you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to Office and any files on the OneDrive.  
  • If your situation is different than the ones here, let us know, and we will help you with the process. 






How do I install Office from IWU on my computer?  

  • To install the Office from IWU, you must uninstall any existing Microsoft Office installation, including purchased copies and free trials.  






I can use Office 365 online. Is "Install Office" different? 

  • Office 365 web apps can be used on most devices to create discussion posts and papers. 
  • Office 365 web apps do not have all the features of the downloaded version.
  • You cannot add Grammarly or other Add-Ins to the web apps, only the downloaded version.






Can I install Office on a Chromebook, iPad, or phone?  

  • Office apps are available for certain mobile devices. These can be downloaded at the Office 365  link in the myIWU Portal. 
  • The full version of Office 365 can be downloaded on Windows (computers and laptops) and Macs (Apple). 






Can I use Word to create my discussion posts?   

  • Yes, you can use Word to type out your discussion posts.  
  • You can use Word's spelling and grammar check to correct your posts.  
  • When you are finished, you need to copy and paste the text into the Brightspace discussion box. 
  • If the Paste Formatting box appears, the Remove Formatting option usually works best. 






Can I use Word's References tab to create citations and references in APA? 

  • This is an option, but the tools in Word are not guaranteed to be correct APA Style format. 
  • If you use this tool you may lose points on your papers if the APA is not correct. 






My computer doesn't have enough memory to install Office. Should I consider upgrading my memory?  

  • Computers age quickly. Updating an old computer is not a long term fix and can become expensive as parts get older. 
  • Look into buying an inexpensive new Windows laptop or desktop. 
  • A new computer is a good investment as an online student.






Will I lose access to Office from IWU when I graduate?   

  • When you are no longer a student, Office from IWU is deactivated. 
  • You can choose to pay for the Office subscription after you graduate. 
















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