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About DSM Library Guide: About DSM Library


Guide to DSM Library (DSM-5) / About DSM Library





The DSM Library is a small collection of titles, primarily featuring the Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5). Other titles include legacy editions of the DSM (I-IV), DSM Handbook of Differential Diagnosis, DSM-5 Clinical Cases, and the DSM-5 Handbook On The Cultural Formulation Interview.  The DSM Library is on the Psychiatry Online platform, the ebook and content platform developed by the DSM's publisher, the American Psychiatric Association.




Guide to DSM Library (DSM-5) / Opening the DSM-5





Most students entering DSM Library need to access the DSM-5. You can do this from the homepage, by clicking

  • Title
  • DOI number
  • Table of Contents link



Guide to DSM Library (DSM-5) / Reading





Note the publisher has made the DSM-5 available electronically here in a format more similar to a website than an ebook you might find in the Kindle store or from your local public library. It is not a scanned PDF of the physical edition, but instead a digitized version completely readable from your browser and navigated like you would a website, by clicking through section topics or using the website's search features.  


Navigate and read the DSM-5:

  • Use the Table of Contents to navigate to specific chapters or topics.
  • When you've opened the chapter, use the Sections menu to read specific parts of the document. 
  • Move to the previous or next chapter by using the links at the top of the page above the title or using the Table of Contents







Guide to DSM Library (DSM-5) / Saving & Linking





The DSM Library was designed to be read within your browser. 

  • Add to Favorites -  When you create a Psychiatry Online account you can add excerpts to your favorites. 
  • Saving and Printing - You can save and print using the tools in your browser. In our testing, we were able to save an entire chapter as a PDF for later using Chrome's print options, then selecting the "Save as PDF" option.  
    • Click your right mouse button and select Print 
    • Select Save as PDF as the Destination
    • Click Save
    • Name the PDF file and click Save







Guide to DSM Library (DSM-5) / Searching





We recommend browsing the DSM-5's Table of Contents to find information. This is primarily because there isn't a search feature that only looks through the DSM Library's contents. The publisher only offers a universal keyword search that will show content across the entire PsychiatryOnline platform, including content we do not have access to.






The search feature is available in the upper right corner of the DSM Library site. You can enter a keyword immediately into the search box, or click Advanced Search for more options.


If you select Advanced Search, this gives you the option to limit your results to just chapters and sections within the DSM-5, by typing "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" into the Published in field. We highly recommend using the Advanced Search field over the basic search for this reason.








The Narrow Results section on the left side of the page displays available filters. 

  • Under the Publication section, click DSM Library
  • Under the Topic section, filter based on your keywords or specific topics that may be available. 






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