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About ProQuest Education: About ProQuest Education


Guide to ProQuest Education / About ProQuest Education





ProQuest Education Database includes over 1,000 full-text journals and 18,000 dissertations, supporting research on the theory and practice of education. 


Education Database covers the literature on primary, secondary, and higher education and special education, homeschooling, adult education, and hundreds of related topics.




Guide to ProQuest Education / Searching





  • Enter your keywords into the search boxes at the top of the screen. To search for a phrase, put the words into quotation marks.  
    • You can use the Thesaurus to narrow your search to specific terms used in the database. 


  • As you type, suggestions will come up. Use your own keywords or click on any suggestions to use that in your search instead. 


  • The default Anywhere option will search all fields in a record and the full text.  
    • Use the dropdown menu to search specific fields. For example, you can search just the titles or subject headings.








  • Results will be displayed by the Most recent first. You can change this to sort by Relevance or Oldest first
  • The Limit To section on the left displays available filters. The most useful are:
    • Filter by Full text. Use this only to see items available in full text.   
    • Filter by Peer reviewed. Use this if your assignment requires you to use scholarly, academic, or peer-reviewed articles.
    • Filter by Publication date. Use this if your assignment requires you to have recently written articles (e.g., written in the last five years).





Guide to ProQuest Education / Viewing





Click the article title

Click the article's title to view all the information about the article. This page will give you all the information you need to create the article's reference. 


Click the Full Text link

You can click Full text or Full text - PDF link (whichever is available or your preference).








Guide to ProQuest Education / Saving & Citing 





ProQuest features several options for saving, printing, emailing, and linking to items. The options are in the top right corner of the page and generally are labeled in clear ways. 

  • Download PDF - Download the PDF version of the article. 
  • Cite - See suggested citations in APA and other formats. 
    • Note: There are always errors with computer-generated citations. Check for capitalization and other errors.
  • Email - The full text of the article will be emailed to you instead of downloaded to your computer. 
  • Print - Print an article.  
  • All Options 
    • Permanent link - The permanent link you can copy and save to revisit. This is the link you want to use if you are sharing a link in a discussion board.   
    • Save to My Research -  Add this item to your My Research folder. 
    • Google Drive - Save pages to your Google Drive. 
    • Citation Export - For power users, export the citations as a RIS file you can upload into Academic Writer or other citation managers. 







Guide to ProQuest Education / Tutorials






Learn how to Search ProQuest Education Journals


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