APA Video Tutorials

These video tutorials were developed by the Off Campus Library Services team to answer common questions about APA formatting. To request a video on another topic, or to comment on these tutorials, please use the "Submit Request" link found to the left.

APA Writing Style Overview
Electronic Document Reference and Citation
Locating a DOI when it is available in the database record.

Locating a DOI not listed in a database record. Using CrossRef or the journal publisher's page.

Citing the Bible in APA

How to cite a book or e-book in APA. Illustrates the difference in the construction of the reference between material types - the in-text citation is idential for idential books in print and ebook formats.

Citing a YouTube video or other electronic media. Sources of sample references are provided.

How to cite a Web page. Developing the reference for a Web page.

Examples of reference and citation. Illustrates Web pages, books, journals, newspapers.

Citing a syllabus or class materials.

APA Document Creation
APA Title Page

Microsoft Word and Your APA References Page

Spacing after punctuation in APA.

Harvesting the DOI or URL of a web document.

Locating the publication date in a document.

Multiple authors in APA references.
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