Online Journals & Books

(Note: These sites are recommended, but go outside the control and maintenance of IWU.)

red arrow Directory of Open Access Journals - Also available in our Journal Title search engine.
red arrow E-Journals - Providing links to the world's electronic journals.
red arrow FindArticles - Search by subject or journal title.
red arrow Highwire Press: Free Online Full Text Articles - From Standford University; provides access to science, technology, and medicine journals; searchable by title.
red arrow Internet Resources for Institutional Research - Links to institutional research topics and concerns.
red arrow News & Periodical Resources on the Web - From the Library of Congress; provides links to newspapers, news services, and more.
red arrow Online Books Page - From the University of Pennsylvania; provides access to books freely available on the internet.
red arrow PubMed Journal Browser - From the National Library of Medicine; hundreds of full text titles available.
red arrow Web Based Resources - From Emporia State University Library Services. Links provided by subject area.
red arrow World Ebook Library - Database with thousands of books online available for download. Searchable by title.


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