General Reference


(Note: These sites are recommended, but go outside the control and maintenance of IWU.)


red arrow Information Please Almanac
red arrow Farmer's Almanac

Biographical Information

red arrow Author Profiles at - Gives biographical information for comtemporary Christian authors and musicians
red arrow
red arrow Biography-Center - Over 10,000 biographies with more than 5,000 in English.
red arrow Literary Index - Biographical information from the Gale Group
red arrow - My Facts Page: Biography/Who's Who

Car Pricing

red arrow
red arrow
red arrow Edmunds
red arrow Kelly Blue Book


red arrow Brewer's Phrase and Fable
red arrow Focus on - Medical dictionary
red arrow FOLDOC Free Online Dictionary of Computing
red arrow Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesurus
red arrow One Look Dictionaries - Access to over 600 dictionaries, both general and subject specific
red arrow (type word into the search bar on gold banner) Includes access to other kinds of dictionaries and reference works, too.
red arrow Webopedia - Searchable dictionary for computer/internet related terminology
red arrow - More than 1800 dictionaries from over 250 languages.


red arrow Britannica Encyclopedia
red arrow
red arrow MEDLINEplus Medical Encyclopedia - Written for the layperson to obtain basic medical information.


red arrow Amortization tables
red arrow Currency converter
red arrow Historical stock quotes

Government & Politics

red arrow Embassy World - A directory of the world's embassies and consulates
red arrow GovSpot
red arrow International governments
red arrow Governments on the WWW: Table of contents
red arrow National Archives and Records Administration
red arrow Occupational Outlook Handbook
red arrow Political parties, interest groups, and other special movements
red arrow Public record database
red arrow State news - Includes background information and data for all 50 states
red arrow Thomas Legislative Information on the Internet
red arrow United States Historical Documents
red arrow United Nations

Grammar/ Study/ Writing Help

red arrow Better Writing
red arrow College Writing Guide
red arrow Grammar - Provided by Owl Online Writing Lab from Purdue University
red arrow Grammarly - Enter text and get an immediate report. This is a service for IWU students and you must use your IWU email address for the registration process.
red arrow Guide to Grammar and Writing - Provided by Capital Community College, Hartford, CN
red arrow Spelling
red arrow Writing Skills - Provides help with writing essays and research papers.


red arrow After the Day of Infamy - "Man on the street" interviews done right the attack of Pearl Harbor
red arrow American Family Immigration History Center - Searchable database of the Ellis Island records
red arrow First World - "cultural, historical, and social documentation of "the Great War."
red arrow Freedom: A History of US
red arrow Historical Sounds in MP3 Format - from the Free Information Society
red arrow - Contains over 2000 files, covering 3000 years of world history.
red arrow Napoleonic Guide - Focusing on French history between 1796 to 1815, including extensive information about Napoleon.
red arrow National Security Archive: Sept. 11 Sourcebooks
red arrow Speeches from the History - Requires a media player
red arrow World War I: Trenches on the Web - An internet history of the great war.

Home Improvement

red arrow Better Homes and Gardens
red arrow Cooking and Metric conversion calculator
red arrow eHow - Step-by-step instructions on how to do just about anything, and buy the stuff you need to do it.
red arrow Fabric stain removal guide
red arrow Home Depot - Includes fix-it, build-it, grow-it, decorate-it, and install-it guides
red arrow How Stuff Works
red arrow megaConverter - The Web (and the universe's) best place to figure what equals what.
red arrow Repair Clinic
red arrow Today's Homeowner - Includes back issues of the magazine and a materials calculator.


red arrow - Book review search engine
red arrow - Internet publisher of literature, reference and verse
red arrow Bibliomania - The leading online literature library with hundreds of searchable full text classics: a superb educational resource.
red arrow Cambridge History of  English and American Literature -literary history & criticism
red arrow - Full-length classic stories, poetry, Shakespearean works, and reference works are made available.
red arrow LitLinks - Info About great stories, poems,plays, essays, and critical articles. Organized alphabetically by author within five genres.

Mailing Information

red arrow National Address Server - Allows you to type in an address and it formats it for U.S. Post Office regulations, including the zip+ and barcode.
red arrow Zipcodes


red arrow The National Map - Library of Congress Online Map collection
red arrow Mapquest
red arrow Rand McNally: The Travel Site
red arrow National Atlas - Digital national atlas project that allows creating your own maps.
red arrow National Geographic Map Machine
red arrow Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
red arrow Perpetual Calendar
red arrow - The single best source for facts on the Net.


red arrow American Medical Association Online Doctor Finder
red arrow Body Mass Index Calculator
red arrow Disability*Gov - Provided from the government, it makes an attempt to bring together information that is helpful regarding disabilities.
red arrow Emergency First Aid Index
red arrow Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body
red arrow Health Topics A - Z
red arrow Healthfinder
  • HerbMed - Is a project of the Alternative Medicine Foundation, Inc, provided as a freely available, public resource.
    red arrow Learn CPR
    red arrow National Center for Infectious Diseases Travelers' Health - Health information on specific destinations. What to know before you go.
    red arrow Mayo Clinic Patient Care and Health Information
    red arrow Medicare: Nursing Home Compare - This site tries to provide detailed information about the performance of any Medicare/Medicaid certified nursing home in the U.S.
    red arrow Merck Manual
    red arrow Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    red arrow Quackwatch - Your guide to health fraud, quackery and intelligent decisions
    red arrow - Easy to understand information for common and specific surgical procedures.

    News & Newspapers

    red arrow Chicago Tribune
    red arrow Christian Science Monitor - Also available with backfiles, via
    red arrow Indianapolis Star/News - Also available with backfiles, via
    red arrow Indianapolis Star
    red arrow International New York Times
    red arrow New York Times
    red arrow Newspaper Source
    red arrow Newspapers, USA. and Worldwide
    red arrow Television News Archives - From Vanderbilt University
    red arrow United Press International Photo Archives
    red arrow USA Today
    red arrow Washington Post

    Popular Culture (Movies, Music, Television, etc.)

    red arrow
    red arrow Barnes and Noble
    red arrow BookBrowse This site attempts to provide reviews and recommendations from the most recently published books.
    red arrow Books and Culture - Reviews on books from Christianity Today
    red arrow
    red arrow All Movie Guide
    red arrow - Videos reviewed on the basis of language, violence, sexual content, etc.
    red arrow Internet Moving Images Archive: Movie Collection [Requires RealPlayer] - Archive of over 900 movies (not Hollywood movies) that reflect the culture of the 20th century. Requires good bandwidth to download.
    red arrow Internet movie database
    red arrow Movie guide from - Family-oriented reviews by Mi8chael Elliott and Holly McClure
    red arrow Movieguide - Free family features and movie reviews by Dr. Ted Baehr
    red arrow Movie Reporter: Know Before You Go - Film & video reviews from a Christian perspective
    red arrow Netflix
    red arrow Plugged In - Video reviews from Focus on the Family
    red arrow Rotten Tomatoes
    red arrow All Music Guide
    red arrow The Ultimate Band List
    red arrow - Episode lists for over 1550 TV shows.


    red arrow American Verse Project
    red arrow Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

    Science & Math

    red arrow David Rumsey Collection - Focuses on 18th and 19th century North and South American cartographic materials
    red arrow Great Images in NASA (GRIN) - Includes over 1,000 high-quality photos related to space and space exploration.
    red arrow Periodic table of the elements
    red arrow Conversion of units

    Software/Hardware Reviews

    red arrow CNET Software Reviews
    red arrow PCWorld Reviews
    red arrow ZDNet Reviews

    Telephone Directories

    red arrow AT&T's Anywho
    red arrow Switchboard

    Time Zones

    red arrow Official U.S. Time
    red arrow United States Gazetteer - Use to view places and obtain census data
    red arrow Weather information - Includes both current and historical weather information
    red arrow Weather channel - Includes allergy information, skiing and driving conditions and other weather related data
    red arrow WorldTimeServer.Com -


    red arrow Expedia
    red arrow Great Outdoor Recreation Pages: United States National Parks
    red arrow National Geographic Expeditions
    red arrow National Scenic Byways Program
    red arrow Travelocity

    Urban Legends

    red arrow Christian Myths and Urban Legends
    red arrow Computer virus myths and hoaxes
    red arrow Hoaxkill
    red arrow Internet Fraud: How to Avoid Internet Investment Scams
    red arrow hoax catalog
    red arrow TruthOrFiction
    red arrow Urban Legends and Folklore


    red arrow Interactive Weather Information Network (National Weather Service)

    Website Development Tools

    red arrow Homestead - A website building tool for personal or business use.

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