These articles are retrieved from a set search statement. There is no way to screen out short news type articles. As you select your articles pay attention to the title as well as the length of the article. Likely if it is just a paragraph or two news item, it will be listed as one page in length. You might want to opt for the articles that range multiple pages.

The first search listed below will retrieve articles on spirituality from the Journal of Christian Nursing. This journal title is available full text online, but not via CINAHL. It is in another database. We also have it available in paper in Jackson Library.
The second search listed below is a search that will retrieve articles from a variety of nursing journals. It will include articles from JCN but it will also include articles from a lot of other nursing/medical journals. They will not necessarily all be from a Christian perspective.

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Search for articles on spirituality from Journal of Christian Nursing.

Search for articles from all nursing journals in CINAHL Plus on the topic of spirituality.

[Note: Journal of Christian Nursing is available full at: Journal of Christian Nursing, full text access for IWU students .]

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