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Extension Tips

These experimental extensions were developed by OCLS, but because of limited staffing the OCLS team can only offer them on an "as is" basis, without any warranty or support.

It is highly recommended that you back-up your data and make a restore point for your operating system. Then if installing an extension causes problems, you have more options to undo the operation.

If you now are fearful about installing an OCLS extension, then consider making a bookmark or favorite to the OCLS home page [www2.indwes.edu/ocls], as that offers links to the same resources as offered by these extensions.

LibX for Chrome and FireFox Browsers

LibX for Chrome and LibX for FireFox are examples of toolbar software developed and hosted by Virginia Tech.   LibX allows users of the Chrome and FireFox browsers to view a subset of OCLS and Web resources which students often find useful.

LibX installs an icon on the upper right of your Chrome or FireFox browser.   It provides options to search the catalog and other useful web resources, as well as providing links to major database families.

OCLS Toolbar for Internet Explorer

The OCLS Toolbar for Internet Explorer offers the most links to databases of any extension developed by OCLS.   It provides access to over 30 databases and Web resources, and offers tips on using APA.

However, this toolbar was developed in 2007 using a purchased development kit which is no longer being updated or supported by its manufacturer.   Updates to FireFox prevent this toolbar from being installed in that browser, and future Internet Explorer updates may someday also prevent toolbar installation in that browser.

Therefore, the toolbar is being offered on an "as-is" basis.

OCLS Toolbar Installation

The steps below present the typical Internet Explorer installation. Because your computer may be set up differently, the specific steps or wording may vary. If you seek advice or want to report the software does not function, please contact OCLS at 800-521-1848 or submit a request, indicating that you were using the OCLS Toolbar.

1) Select Install/Download

2) Select Run

3) Select Run (IWU is the publisher -- you're safe)

A new window should open with the OCLS Toolbar displayed.

Note: Following installation on older browsers, other toolbars on your browser may be shifted. To move your toolbars where you'd like them:

  • Internet Explorer 7 users - select Tools > Toolbars in the Internet Explorer menu. Uncheck "Lock the Toolbars" and then drag the visible toolbars where you'd like.
  • Internet Explorer 6 users - To move your toolbars where you'd like them, IE6 users should go to the "View" menu and select Tools > Toolbars. Uncheck "Lock the Toolbars" and then drag the visible toolbars where you'd like.

You may need to do some "tweaking" of your antivirus software to accept this web site as a safe site. If prompted by your security software, indicate that you want to white list this site and its resources: http://www2.indwes.edu/ocls/toolbar

If your antivirus or browser do not allow installation of the OCLS Toolbar, then make a browser bookmark (favorite) or desktop shortcut to the OCLS homepage: http://www2.indwes.edu/ocls/.
The OCLS homepage links to all of the resources on the toolbar.

OCLS Toolbar Trouble Shooting

Due to the number of different operating systems and ways in which computers are configured we cannot guarantee that the OCLS Toolbar will install properly. At this point the only browser that support the OCLS Toolbar is Microsoft Explorer.   The OCLS toolbar does not install on current versions of FireFox nor in any version of Chrome, Opera, or Safari. Some security software also blocks installation of the OCLS toolbar. If the OCLS Toolbar cannot be installed for any reason, similar functionality can be obtained by creating a bookmark (favorite) to the OCLS homepage http://www2.indwes.edu/ocls -- all of the toolbar resources can be found by following links from this homepage.

Many problems can be solved by uninstalling and reinstalling the toolbar.

Error Opening File

If you go through the installation steps and receive an error message that reads:

Error opening file for writing:
"C:\Program Files\OCLS Toolbar\tbu05857\ocls_toolbar.dll"

you should select Ignore. The installation will proceed correctly.


Error: "Windows cannot open this file"

If you get the error message "Windows cannot open this file" :

  • Select Cancel to return to the main To /olbar page
  • Select "Download Toolbar" again
  • Select SAVE, and in the File name window be sure to add .exe on the end (file should read ocls_toolbar.exe):
  • Select Save to download the file to the location you've selected
  • In the Download Complete window select Open

The installation should proceed normally (select Ignore if you get further errors).


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